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Be a Guest Speaker and Attract Business.

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by: Michael Losier

Your participation as a speaker at one event may lead to other contacts in the industry.
Being a guest speaker in front of the right audience can be an excellent sourceof new business. Many clubs, organizations, conventions and trade shows seek guest speakers that can provide useful information to their audience. The opportunity to speak in front of an attentive group can certainly boost your business, whether you are a service or product provider.

Design your speech or presentation so that the audience leaves with useful information that will help them. Avoid giving a sales pitch, this will be a turn-off both for the audience and the speaker-coordinator.

Here are a number of reasons why being a guest speaker can attract more business:

1.You are perceived as an expert in your field.

2.You have an opportunity to get free publicity to promote the event.

3.You have the opportunity to hand out information to each attendee (with your contact name on it).

4.You can ask for names and addresses of attendees to build your contact database.

5.You can chat one-on-one with the attendees after the meeting.

Check out your local Chamber of Commerce, local trade shows or your local Convention Center. In some cities there are Professional Meeting Planners that often seek speakers. Your participation as a speaker at one event may lead to other contacts in the industry.

About the Author

Michael Losier is a Law of Attraction Coach and Practitioner enjoying his life in Victoria, BC. Michael instructs and supports people in understanding and practicing the art of Deliberate Attraction so they can have more of what they want in their lives and less of what they don't want. He can be reached at: 1-877-550-9282 or visit his website www.LawOfAttraction.CA


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