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by: Terri Seymour
Networking is a great way to build your online business and
message boards are some of the best places for networking.
Not only can you advertise your business (if allowed), you can
learn more about marketing, promotion or whatever subject
pertains to your business. Message boards are also a great
way to establish yourself as an expert and to build yourself a
good reputation. Relationships, business and personal can
also start from contacts made on message boards. When
posting to message boards, there are a few things you should

1. Do not spam! A lot of message boards do not allow blatant
advertising, but do allow sigtags. Make sure you read all rules
carefully before posting. There are message boards that allow
advertising of any kind, however these are not very useful as
far as networking or learning anything of value.

2. Do not flame! Message boards are a means for people to
express different opinions and ideas. You should never insult
anybody because they do not agree with your point of view.
This is one way for you to lose all credibility for your
business and your reputation.

3. Do participate in the discussions! You definitely want to get
involved in the discussions and make yourself known. Answer
questions whenever possible and give advice. People will come
to respect you as an expert in your field and trust what you say.

4. Do treat others with respect! Always give others on the
boards the same treatment and respect you would want them
to give you. No matter how much or how little someone knows,
they still deserve the same respect as others. Always remember,
you started out not knowing much either.

5. Do build relationships! I have "met" so many wonderful
people since starting on the internet! It is a great way to
build personal and business relationships. So go to the
boards, start a conversation and just have some fun, while
building your business!!

Boards for WAHMs:

Internet Marketing Boards:
http://www.free-publicity.com/cgi-bin alk.cgi

Home Business Boards:

You can find more boards at:

Visit some of these boards, find your favorites and get to
work building relationships, your business and your

Terri Seymour owns and operates MyOwnEzine.com
MyOwnEzine.com is a website, ezine and service which
provides the resources, tools, guidance and more to help
you start, publish and promote your own ezine. You can
contact Terri at mailto:ter02@newnorth.net Subscribe
at mailto:subscribe@myownezine.com or visit
http://www.myownezine.com for lots more info.


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