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Business Names Can Bring Good Fortune.

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by: Marcia Yudkin
Judging only from the name, which company comes across as more crisply efficient, Order Out of Chaos or Ockahochee Organizers, Inc.?

Which business seems more innovative, Kabloom or Finest Flowers?

Which consulting firm seems more dependable, RP&G Consulting Partners or Skyhunters Consulting?

A company name can influence perceptions - attracting or repelling not only customers but also media people and joint venture partners. It does so through these and other factors:

* the style of the name

* how the name comes across to the ear

* the length of the name

* the personality it conveys

* any explicit or implicit message the words convey

* echoes of famous names and expressions

* associations of component words or syllables

* associations with a specific era, culture or locale

* its vagueness or specificity

A great name also must steer clear of unsavory reminders or implications. Adolf's Auction House would raise eyebrows in Europe or the U.S. And while Fishkill is a respectable town in New York State, the name Fishkill Florists suggests a regrettable juxtaposition.

Name wisely!

About the Author

Marcia Yudkin is the author of 6 Steps to Free Publicity and ten other books hailed for outstanding creativity. Find out more about her new discount naming company, Named At Last, which brainstorms company names, new product names, tag lines and more for entrepreneurs on a budget, at<

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