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Airventure 2003. . . WOW!.

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by: Pat Redmond

If you're just getting back from OshKosh, I'm sure you'll agree. . . Great Show!
In the seven years that I've made the pilgrimage, I've still not seen it all!

This year, I committed to see parts of the show that I'd still not seen before.
I visited the Fly Market - a collection of vendors selling everything from aircraft parts to T-shirts.
I walked through the Airbus Beluga and was amazed by its capabilities.
This year was the first year I ate from one of the food concessions! In the past, I've left the grounds for a lunch but found that I was losing too much valuable Airventure time.

But even with a 4 day trip, it's impossible to see everything! I'll just have to go back again next year!

Things I still need to see at OshKosh:

1. I haven't been to see the Warbirds yet.

2. Haven't been to the flight line for the airshow.

3. Haven't experienced the nightlife at the campgrounds, including the beer tent and live music.

4. Need to see KidVenture where kids create and learn with the NestleQuick Bunny!

5. Haven't camped under my wing. . .

6. In fact, I haven't flown into OSH! Appleton was quite a bit calmer, but perhaps I'm missing an important part of the Airventure experience.

Well, it's a year away from next year's show, but I'm making my plans now.

How about you?



Pat Redmond, Brighton, Mi usa
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