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Summer's Here. . . Now What?.

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by: Pat Redmond

As snow covered the trees last fall, and you plugged in your Tanis Heater, did your stomach feel sick with regret? Did you wish you had flown more, visited more places in your airplane, spent time at OshKosh? How many beautiful summer days passed that you didn't take advantage of?
Why not make this year different? With a little planning you could put together a list of places to visit so that your plane never sits on the ramp on a beautiful summer day!

You've got to take the first step!

Right now, sit down with a pen and notebook and start writing down all the places you want to visit THIS SUMMER! Go Crazy! List anything that might be remotely interesting. Get out a map and list destinations to the North, South, East and West. Weather won't be an excuse this year! Plan 1 day trips and overnight trips. Use the internet to locate new locations and out of the way places. Visit sites like:

for some great flying ideas.

We all have heard that if we want to achieve our goals, we must write them down. Well, let's do the same and plan activities for our precious summer weekends!


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Pat Redmond, Brighton, Mi usa

Pat Redmond, helps business owners who are tired of long lines and baggage claims, fly their way to freedom! Enjoy dinner with your family tonight! To learn more about the General Aviation Business, sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at


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