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The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a New Airplane rather Than Us.

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by: Pat Redmond

"I'd really like a brand new aircraft, but wouldn't I be better off just finding a good, clean used aircraft?"
Read on to learn the top 10 reasons to purchase new rather than used equipment.

1. You want to own the latest in TECHNOLOGY.

Multi-function displays, GPS, weather uplink. . . These are just a few of the tools available to pilots of the new aircraft. It won't be long before this equipment will be the "norm."

2. You want to own the latest in SAFETY.

Each year, new features increase the safety of flying and of our aircraft. Why not have the best you can get?

3. You want the "hassle free" upkeep that the 2 year warranty provides.

You want everything to work, and you want hassle free maintenance, right? Your warranty will give you that peace of mind and the dollar savings that go along with a 2 year warranty. Join the TeleClass: "The Care and Feeding of your New Cessna Aircraft" by clicking on the following link:

4. You want to be the 1st to fly your new airplane.

Most trips pale in comparison to the trip to the factory to bring home your new aircraft! Be the first to see and fly your airplane!

5. You want to know how the airplane's been flown and how the engine's been broken in.

There are no suprises when you've been the one flying and breaking in your airplane. You can baby your airplane like no one else can!

Is that Low Time Engine Really a Bargain?

6. You want a "no risk" purchase that comes with a manufacturer backed airplane.

"As is Where is". . . Pretty scary words when you purchase a used aircraft! Why risk it? When you fly off the field with a manufacturer backed airplane, you know you're covered.

7. You want the lower interest rates and lower payments of a new aircraft.

Perhaps up to 3% points! This can mean huge savings in your monthly payment and in your overall amount paid for your aircraft. Run the numbers to see how much you'll save in interest dollars!

8. You want the better depreciation schedules that apply only to new aircraft.

50% bonus depreciation applies to new equipment only. Uncle Sam has bumped up the depreciation schedule on new equipment in hopes to revitalize the economy. To see how much you can save by purchasing new, visit:

9. You'd rather not "wheel and deal" with the hope that you cut a fair deal. You know what a new aircraft is worth!

No need to worry about whether or not you were taken advantage of. With a new aircraft, you know what you're getting, and you know the price!

10. You just feel great showing off your new aircraft that's perfect in every way!

. . . And who wouldn't?


Pat Redmond, Brighton, Mi usa
Pat Redmond, helps business owners who are tired of long lines and baggage claims, fly their way to freedom! Enjoy dinner with your family tonight! To learn more about the General Aviation Business, sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at


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