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It's all about the customers, baby.

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by: Dr Kem Thompson
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By Dr Kem Thompson (c)2003

If you want to ensure a steady stream of customers in your
business, you must always remember why you're in business in
the first place.

Sure you want to earn a decent income for yourself, but you
also want to provide a useful service don't you?

That second reason should take precedence over the first.
Your main aim should be to provide a useful service to people.
Making lots of money from it should be secondary.

When you have your priorities in that order, guess what happens?
The money starts to come in! You literally become a customer-

Know why? Because when people sense that you genuinely care about
them, they'll become loyal customers and will get their friends
and family to buy from you as well.

Remember, no matter how much money you want to make from your
business, without customers, you won't make a thing.

So always, always, always, always, always(you get the point, don't
you!?) always(!) think about your customers first.

Consider it an honour to be in a position to serve them.

Then think of ways to serve them to the best of your ability.

Here are a couple of ways to take good care of your customers:

a.As often as possible, ask them what they want or need.
The most successful businesses are the ones that satisfy
the *known* needs or wants of customers. Don't assume
you know what they want. Ask and be sure.

So find out what your customers want, ask them how you can
serve them better.

Then provide that need for them. Even if you don't sell
the product or service they want, find someone who does
and refer your customer to them. Be a resource; they'll
love you for it.

You'd have saved them the trouble. And they'll reward you
for it by being loyal to you.

b.Aim to provide more value for money. This can be in form of
'try before you buy' offers, or giving away something for
free. It could also simply be regular courteous service -
going the extra mile, so to speak.

Always think 'how can I provide more value for my

With that mindset, you will be alert and open to
opportunities to give more value to your customers without
breaking your bank balance!

Can you think of other ways to take good care of your customers?

About the Author

About the author:
Dr Kem Thompson is a Success Coach, Speaker and Author of 'The Days
of Success Collection: Articles To Help You Create Success Every Day'.
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