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Don?t Hibernate! Some Ideas for Family Winter Outdoor Fun.

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by: ARA
(ARA) - This winter season don't let your family hibernate inside. Why not put all that fresh snow to good use? Bundle everyone up and participate in some fun activities the whole family will enjoy.

There are all kinds of ways for kids and parents to enjoy the outdoors together in the winter. Along with the typical winter sports, there are also games and creative projects that children really enjoy -- and the exercise is good for them too.

Here are some ideas from the experts at Wham-O to help get kids off the couch and outside for interactive snow play this winter:

* Head for the sledding hill. Now with so many sledding options, the whole family will have a blast whooshing down snow-covered hills. In fact, kids and parents can ride together on the huge, double-walled Turbosaucer Snow Saucer. Or cause a storm of excitement with the 43 inch SnowBoogie Thunder, a super-light, shock absorbing foam sled with an ultra-fast SpeedSlick bottom, sure to produce thunderous applause and crowd-pleasing cheers all winter long.

* Don't leave the little tots in the ?snow? dust. A Baby Sled is a great way for parents to safely introduce their young toddlers to sledding, while smaller sleds, such as the Sledz Racer Jr. and the Snowboogie Racer Jr., let younger kids hit the slopes by featuring lightweight foam designs to absorb shocks and a Speedslick bottom for maximum fun.

* Build a cutting-edge snowman with a Snowman Kit. Kids can let their imaginations run wild as they build a snowman sporting a Mohawk, earring, nose rings and sunglasses. The Snowman Kit, which contains weather-tough plastic components, also comes in a traditional version with a black top hat and scarf, for a more classic-looking snowman.

* Build a classic snow fort -- all you'll need is snow. Create a big mound and pack it down by stepping, jumping and even rolling on it. Once a solid, round pile has been created, make a doorway and begin tunneling into the mound. Continue to shovel snow out of the center and pack it on top. Once inside, use a smaller shovel to make a space inside. You can cover the floor with a straw mat and poke holes through the ceiling and sides to make skylights and windows. Snow fort walls should be at least one foot thick.

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