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by: Richard Romando
It's easy to use a digital scale to weigh yourself, and the results are even easier to read.

The best way to ensure that you are getting an accurate weight measurement is by getting a scale that only you use. A lot of people use the scales at their local gyms. Many of these scales work on a spring system. Every time a person steps on that scale the springs get a little more wear and this will change its accuracy. The locker room scale is rarely accurate, and that's why using a digital scale at home is best. Don't switch scales, either, the experts advise. Pick your scale and stick with it to ensure accuracy.

Choose one day a week to weigh yourself. On that day, after you wake up you should weigh yourself with your bladder and bowels empty, and no food or water in your system. This is the ideal time to obtain your most accurate weight.

There are many digital scales that are accurate to help you weigh in perfectly. A hot-selling scale is the GS-1 Siltec Glass Digital Bathroom Scale, which costs approximately $80. This scale has a 440-pound capacity and 0.2 lb readability. The style is modern, with a sleek glass platform. This digital scale incorporates four individual load sensors -- one at each corner of the scale to provide the utmost in accuracy. Most other scales only use only one load sensor with a mechanical leveler.

The Tanita HD-351 Digital Bathroom Scale is another modern style with the same specs as the GS-1. This digital scale sells for approximately $5 less, however, and has an oversized platform. The Tanita HD-372 Glass Lithium Digital Bathroom Scale has an extra-large display, 400-pound capacity, and usually sells for approximately $60. There are a wide range of solar digital scales and potable digital scales on the market as well.

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