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<I>Living as God</I> - the Divine Book Review.

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by: C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot
From an esoteric invitation, Namaste Publishing presented me with P. Raymond Stewart's "Living as God - Healing the Separation."

Unveiling the mysteries surrounding the great "I Am," Living as God is the quintessential resource for the soul searcher and curious minds alike. Opening the heart and mind, this metaphysical novel adds fresh dimension towards uncovering hidden knowledge to the ancient, illusive question: "Who is God?"

A divine comparison liken to the Tree of Life and its intricate and ever-expanding branches, Living as God redefines the sacred realm of spirituality and offers impromptu revelation of spellbinding enlightenment.

After meticulously reading Stewart's original book, I felt an overwhelming sense of philosophical awareness and total inner peace. Living as God is the culmination of divine intervention and candid, human introspect.

I recommend Living as God to those who have reached a spiritual plateau in their lives...and to those who seek clarity and compelling understanding of God's true essence. Living as God is certain in becoming a classic addition to any literary enthusiast's collection.

To find out more about P. Raymond Stewart, or how to obtain your copy of Living as God - Healing the Separation, visit P. Raymond Stewart Speaks today.


? 2005 - Living as God - the Divine Book Review
by C. Bailey-Lloyd
aka. Lady Camelot

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C. Bailey-Lloyd
aka. Lady Camelot
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