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Independant Review of NEWLY released ebook.

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by: Keith Londrie
Independant Review of NEWLY released ebook

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On Wednesday, March 9, 2005 Keith Londrie II of Information Services of Keokuk, Inc. recieved an independant review of his latest electronic book (ebook) entitled "Money to be Made Online". In this latest work, Londrie provides tips and techniques for improving your business. Here is the review:

Money to be Made Online is a compilation of a variety of extensive lists containing hints, tips, and advice on how to create a successful online business. This book describes how to determine the needs of your potential clients or customers in order to better serve and better tailor your products to suit these important people.

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Furthermore, the extensive lists in this compilation contain realistic
useable tips that can be adapted to virtually any online business or
affiliate program. These lists include 173 Profit Generators; 225 Tips
for Writing Irresistibly Persuasive Sales Copy; 92 Ways to Develop a Super Selling Website; 92 High Octane Promotional Techniques; 76 Ways to Create a Sales Boasting Business Network, 20 Ways to Keep Customers Happy; 77 Ways to Use Ebooks and Ezines to Super Charge Your Sales and 98 Ways to Make Your Business, Thrive, Grow, and Succeed.

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Money to be Made Online contains a multitude of great tips and hints for anyone with an online business or anyone wanting to start or join an affiliate program. Tips in this book range from ways to glean important information about the needs and wants of potential clients or customers through ideas on how to get free or low cost publicity for your products to ways of tweaking your advertisements, sales copy, and website to reduce confusion and increase sales. Any reader, whether new to online business or a seasoned businessperson will find plenty of new ideas to create or recreate his or her business into a financially successful venture.

Tami Brady, Reviewer
Ebook Reviews Weekly

For those interested in a copy of the newly released ebook, please visit on the internet.

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Keith Londrie II has been writing articles and press releases on the internet since 1996. Please visit to learn about the sites Keith has. <

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