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Mesothelioma: New treatments for Mesothelioma cancer.

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by: Hector Milla
There are more treatment possibilities for Mesothelioma cancer than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy: the clinical trials. They offer no only benefits, but also risks that cancer patients should know before taking part in one of these research studies.
The U.S. National Cancer Institute sponsors clinical trials, because Mesothelioma cancer is difficult to control. This research is being performed to find out new treatments and better ways to use the current medical procedures.
Clinical trials are performed before the application of any new treatment in human beings, because doctors should know if the treatment is safe for their patients and effective to fight the disease on the stage level in which is.
Patients with mesothelioma can participate in research programs as a treatment option, because the possibility exists in the United States. People interested in take part in a clinical trial, however, should talk with their doctors before.
There is information about clinical trials in the Cancer Information Service (CIS) of the above mentioned Institute or may call to the toll-free phone number 1?800?4?CANCER to talk to CIS staff who may identify and provide detailed information about specific ongoing clinical trials.
The Web have various information about the subject, such as basic trial information, trial description with a summary and the eligibility criteria, and trial sites and contacts in the U.S.

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