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5 Things to Look for when Buying a Truck Cover.

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by: John Mancini
Specialty trucks can be a large investment and may not be used very often; for these reasons, they should be protected from the elements when not in use. The purchase and use of a high quality truck cover should be considered to shield them from dirt and dust, animals and even people.

1- One of the first things to consider before actually purchasing a truck cover is quality. This is a case where it is wise to buy the best that you can afford, do not cheap out on a truck cover. A high quality cover will protect your truck from UV rays, rain, dust even falling objects and animals.

2- Look for a cover that is made of a breathable material. The cover should be lightweight and although not waterproof, it needs to dry out quickly after getting wet. If the cover is not breathable and holds in moisture, it can be detrimental to the paint job and increase the chance of creating rust.

3- Padding is very important when searching for the perfect truck cover. More is better here. The more padding that a cover has, the more protection it can offer your truck from all sorts of falling objects, from golf ball sized hail to golf balls whacked by the neighborhood kids. Padding is too important to overlook, be sure that the cover you choose has several layers for adequate protection at all times.

4- If you can afford it, get a custom cover for your truck. A custom cover is made to your trucks specific size and shape, while a generic cover will more than likely do the job, a custom cover will stay in place and not shift because of strong winds and time. Another advantage of getting a custom cover made is that it can have the extra padding added, be made in a color or pattern that you prefer it can even be customized with a name or picture.

5- The most important thing to remember when getting a cover for your truck really has nothing at all to do with the cover. The most important tip is to make absolutely sure that the truck is clean. It needs to be as free of dirt and dust as possible when the cover is put on, this will help to avoid scratches and scuffs in the paint.

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