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Introducing: Lynn Terry editor of Self-Starters Weekly Tips.

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by: Lynn Terry

For those of you who don't already know me personally, I am a 29 year old single mother of two cool kids and I work from my home office full-time as the owner of Web Service Network . I have been in business since late '96, when I opened a storefront in Murfreesboro, TN, but I have since resorted to the beautiful Center Hill Lake (in middle Tennessee) and operate from my home office.

I began publishing Self-Starters Weekly Tips just over a year ago, which quickly became a project I am very passionate about! My goal is to help others who desire to achieve their full potential, and to pass on what I have learned to other motivated "do-it-yourself'ers". Each week I share the resources and information that have helped me get where I am today, and concepts and strategies that I use to continually grow my business.

Whether you are new to online business, are considering starting your first business, or are looking for ways to grow your current business. I'd like to invite you to join us - at no cost to you!

Subscribe to Self-Starters Weekly Tips by emailing with "subscribe" in the subject line

You can learn more about me, and about this weekly email publication, by going to Feel free to join us in the forum, or just browse before you decide to subscribe

I increased the hits to my website by over 50,000 in one month! How did I do it? Following the very same tips that I publish in this newsletter every Monday! A few quick tips:

Publish your own Website AND Newsletter Write Articles, or write your own Ebook Join top-rated Affiliate Programs Network with your Targeted Market Submit Press Releases, both online & offline

Learn how to do each of these important steps in your business. step-by-step: Subscribe today! Over 50,000 additional hits per month felt great to me - and of course it is continuing to grow every week! Someone asked me recently, "Well yeah, but did that actually equal increased sales??". The answer is Yes! My Affiliate Marketing techniques brought in just over $400 last month, number of subscribers to my newsletter doubled, and I am currently working on some exciting new projects for people all over the country! By the way, at only an hour a week, $400 in a month equaled $100/hour! Obviously the more time and energy you put into any particular marketing tactic, the better your results. Choose your strategy and GO FOR IT!

Am I a Marketing Guru? NO. And I am not a Self-Made Millionaire or an Internet Prodigy. I am one person that chose the Internet as the foundation for my Career. and I made it work against all odds. SO CAN YOU! The "American Dream" truly is possible, and it's available to anyone. Success, for me, is defined by happiness - not money. And becoming "successful" has been every bit as wonderful as I could have ever imagined! Of course, being financially independent and in control of my future are excellent benefits!

One Last Thought:

You know... success - small or large - is still success. I have thought on that quite a bit this past year as I was celebrating my little milestones. We can't compare ourselves to anyone else - we really can't - because we are each *unique* in our ability and our character. We are each given different talents, and it is my personal conviction that I am *expected* to live up to my full potential (regardless of how *my* full potential relates to anyone else's). If you are a Bible reader, you'll remember the Parable of the Talents - where each man was given a different amount... and judged on what he did with his talents. To me, that parable has nothing to do with "making/saving money" and everything to do with using the tools and characteristics you were given as an individual to your fullest ability. The meaning of it really hit me hard - and stuck with me.

Often I meet people who are frustrated with their career, or searching endlessly for jobs or businesses that they can manage from their home office. There are thousands upon thousands of people now who are successfully running their own business and/or working from home - if you aren't one of them, let 2003 be your year!

I wish you much success as you start your own ventures, and follow the seasons of change with your business. As always, feel free to contact me if you need guidance and advice, or would like to 'brainstorm' about your business ideas and long-term goals.

About the Author

Learn the difference between websites that COST you money and websites that MAKE you money. Take your online business to the next level!


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