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by: Jeff Lakie
For the recreational car hobbyist, there are few better places to buy parts than on eBay. Think of it like this: if an auto parts swap meet had a child with Godzilla then eBay Motors would be their offspring. Here are the reasons why the Internet is the best place to buy parts:

1. Convenience: Thanks to the Internet, people can buy things online when they want and where they want (at work, in the comfort of their home, wherever) and they don't have to wait any longer for the first Saturday of the month when the swap meet happens.
2. Quality assurance: Which is better: car parts that can be had really, really cheap on eBay, and other such sites, or haggling over a part by some fast-talking guy who knows there's something wrong with the part but won't budge on price?
3. Lots of choice: You may not get the price you want at the swap meet, but you need the part, so you're willing to spend a little more for it. The great thing about eBay is that you can pass on the stuff you don't like because you know something similar will probably come along shortly.
4. Price: At the swap meet you can barter back and forth, but it involves some give and take on both sides. Neither of you end up with the dollar figure you want. On eBay, though, you can set your price. If you don't get it at that price, you can revisit your bid, but if you ride the auction till the end and bid just a dollar over the last bid, you'll have a great chance of winning the bid at a price you'll be happy with.
5. Background check: EBay has a feedback rating which allows you to check up on how well the seller has lived up to their word. But at the swap meet, all you have to go on is your gut instinct when you're face to face with the guy who's trying to push his parts on you.
6. Pay any way: Many sellers on eBay, though PayPal, accept checks, money orders, and credit cards. At the swap meet you're either exchanging parts or cash. Paying for parts with a credit card lets you put off the payment until it's convenient for you.
7. Warranty: On eBay, you actually get a warranty when you buy products from them. The warranty is offered by eBay, and your credit card has a ?chargeback? option, too, to protect you from getting ripped off. Was there a warranty at the last swap meet you were at?

EBay Motors is a great place to find cheap car parts. The prices and convenience is unbeatable. Forget those old swap meets, stay home, stay in your pajamas, and click for more convenience and savings.

About the author:
Jeff Lakie is the founder of Auto Parts Information a website providing information on Auto Parts

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