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Press Release Roll Your Pole Before You Roll Out Dough!.

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Roll Your Pole Before You Roll Out Dough!

Pole Roll. It's not just a pro racing term. It's now simply the most effective protection for your car from indoor/outdoor parking garage pole scratches and scuffs.

Oakland, CA July 2, 2004 -- You?ve spotted them seemingly everywhere, those unsightly rags and rug remnants, blankets, duct tape, leaf bags, even inner tubes ? all wrapped and hastily tied around parking garage poles as frustrated drivers try to find some way to protect their cars from that close encounter of the scratch and scuff kind. Now car owners are discovering the sleek, attractive and easy to install: ?Pole Roll!? (Pat. Pend.)

Pole Roll? is made of space age car-protection material. Pole Roll? wraps easily around those underground or outside carport and parking garage poles ? and it stays put ? silently, effectively, protecting your car.

Pole Roll, Inc. devoted three years to perfecting this high tech and highly durable approach to car body protection. The product?s composition is a thin, flexible, closed-cell foam padding housed inside a tough but attractive, weather-resistant cover. Now drivers are free from the tension of trying to maneuver between or next to a garage pole, dreading that scraping sound which means the next stop is the body shop. Just think: Gone are pole-induced scratches and scuffs!

And Pole Roll? Installs in Minutes! Just wrap a Pole Roll? around a pole of any size and shape next to your parking spot, fasten the built-in Velcro straps, and lock the product in place with the two keyed locks provided. DONE! That's all it takes to prevent the surface damage, frustration, and expensive repair bills caused by poles and columns when you park your car.

Car owners, building owners, apartment/condo residents, and home owners alike love this product. It protects cars. It beautifies commercial and residential properties. Pole Roll? is available in three sizes to fit virtually any free-standing or floor-to-ceiling round, square, or oval parking pole. Sizes include:

The Standard        
(covers poles from 12?-41?);

The Middleman    
(covers poles from 41?-95?);

The Magnum        
(covers poles from 95?-136?).

Cost? Modest. Respectively, each size retails for $69.99, $89.99, or $129.99 (plus shipping & handling). Add $10 per unit for reflective striping. Great for dark garage areas that hide poles.

The need is out there, and the solution is here. NOW. That's why we say:

The Pole Roll?
"Don't Back Out Without It!"?

Pole Roll, Inc.
No. Cal:
4200 Park Boulevard, Suite 241, Oakland CA 94602
So. Cal: 1511 Sawtelle Blvd., Suite 113, Los Angeles CA 90025
Orders: (866) 336-8537
No. Cal: (510) 482-4210
So. Cal: (310) 842-4000

Media Contact: Katie Carney    
C3 Communications
PH: (510) 482-6050                                

Roll Your Pole Before You Roll Out Dough -- End Parking Garage Pole-Induced Auto Body Damage with the ?Pole Roll.?? See it now at: ?-- As seen in Motor Trend --

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