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Researching used car prices on the Internet.

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by: Dakota Caudilla
No sooner have you started searching for car prices on the Internet, your head will be spinning with competitive car prices and promises of prompt delivery, dedicated customer service response, and huge discounts. Are all of those promises and claims to be believed? Your guess is as good as mine, if you want the truth. But then, there are ways to help you find the less unscrupulous ones on the Internet and bring you honest-to-goodness car prices that are well worth your time and money.

There are tons of car and used car websites where you can research on car prices on the Internet. Some of the more popular ones are,,,,,,, and These websites are, essentially, websites that lets car sellers and dealers post their cars and used cars for sale together with the car prices that they are willing to sell the car for. Car buyers will log into the website looking for the car that they want and when the sale goes through, the car seller and car buyer will perform a transaction and the website gets a cut and the car seller gets the rest. The car prices consist of the price of the car, the commission of the seller and the commission due to the listing website. Well, that?s if we assume that there are no other parties involved in this transaction. If there are more people stuck in the middle trying to make a quick buck out of the car sale, the car price will hike up accordingly.

If you already know the make and model of the car you?re interested to purchase, the only thing left to do is to go to those car listing website, search through their database, check out the car prices they have there and compare the car prices they have with the ones in other websites. Don't forget to compare the car prices with the local car dealer and used-car dealer too, just for good measure. You'll be surprised, sometimes, the local car dealer may have better car prices for you. if not, perhaps the used car dealer may have a fabulous deal in store for you with a car with an unbelievable price and in perfect condition (not the banged-up, knocked-around, and shabbily fixed-up) kind.

Comparing car prices is important. You can do this with a spreadsheet like Excel file. This is easy but if you are going to take your own sweet time researching the car prices, make sure you mark down the date you extract the prices. Car prices go up and down faster than you can imagine. Try find car prices at

When researching car prices, the more important thing to ensure is the condition of the car. One of the ways to determine if the car price is worth it is to take a look at the picture of the car, if personal examination is not possible at that point in time. However, pictures can be manipulated. And some pictures are not genuine, i.e., the picture is not the real car picture of the car that is for sale. So, be wary, keep in touch with the seller and if the seller sounds dodgy, dodge him?or her.

About the author:
Dakota Caudilla, journalist, and website builder Dakota Caudilla lives in Texas. He is the owner and co-editor of http://www.great-car-deals.comon which you will find a longer, more detailed version of this article.

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