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Some Security Measures for Parking Lots.

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by: Ispas Marin
If you are considering the option of opening a parking lot, you should always think about the security measures and their costs, of course. Security measures don't seem like a big thing, but they are extremely important. If an aggressive incident takes place in your parking lot, people will soon start looking for other places to park their cars. This mean loss of income, business may face the risk of losing the clients. So, always pay attention to good parking lot security measures.

In order to decide on the best security measures, you should first identify the risks involved. The emergency issue is very important. Strict security problems or severe medical emergencies should be quickly located and solved in your parking lot. You should think of ways of letting the parking services? providers know of the critical situation which is occurring. A visual signal, a light, a strong sound would be a good measure for informing the parking security staff that a sensitive situation needs to be handled.

Another important problem is finding a fast way of servicing a driver that is facing a technical problem like a flat tyre or a dead battery. Or how to give assistance to a driver that has confused the place where he/she has parked the car in a huge, multi-story parking lot. Therefore, the parking services should be very friendly and helpful.

The best way of combating situation of any origin in your parking lot is to have a video surveillance system, access control and an intercom. Actually, combining these three systems and adding a good lighting system is the best measure. For better results, these systems shouldn?t be limited only to the inside of the parking lot; they should be extended to the outside of the parking lot.

You should also equip your parking lot premises with emergency phones, for a better communication between your security staff and the driver in distress.

And remember to always train your security staff on issues about how to react properly and efficiently to a critical situation or an emergency.

All these measures should ensure a better security for your parking lot. But keep in mind that fast and accurate reaction is the element that is making the difference between a severe, violent incident and a minor happening!

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