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by: Elizabeth Morgan
For anyone wanting to make a one-time trip to a cold locale, they may find themselves in need of tire chains. For warmer-weathered tourists, this may come as a brand new tool, and some may want to look into tire chain rentals. However, this many not be the best option.

First, few places rent tire chains, and even those places that do may not have chains that fit your car's tires. Especially during busy tourist seasons, many places may be out of tire chains, particularly those that fit popular car models. Even if you get to your destination without tire chains, many law enforcement officers will not allow drivers on a dangerous road without tire chains. Most of the time, not even 4x4s will be allowed on the road without proper chains. That means that you might get to your vacation spot but not might be able to get back home!

Second, tire chains can be purchased for cars and pick-up trucks for as little as $30 per pair. Even when renting tire chains, the tire chain rental price may be nearly as high as purchasing a brand new pair, especially if you plan to use the chains for many days or over many miles.

While tire chain rentals are available in locations where they are most often needed, drivers should not depend on a chance that the rental location will not have the right size for their tires. It?s safer for drivers to make a small investment in tire chains to ensure that they will always have them available when they need them, regardless of weather conditions.

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Tire Chains Info provides detailed information about automatic, snow, tractor, truck, ATV, skidder, and snow blower tire chains, as well as tire chain rentals. Tire Chains Info is the sister site of Trailer Hitches Web.

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