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Tickle Your Senses With Yankee Candles!.

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by: Wendy Yeager
How many of us remember as kids creating our own candles from our broken crayons? We?d have mom or dad help us melt down the crayons on the stove, throwing in every color of the rainbow. Then we?d carefully pour the melted wax into old cardboard milk cartons. But, how many of us were able to turn the fun of creating candles at home into a profitable money-making business? Well, Mike Kittredge, founder of Yankee Candles did just that! In 1969, when he was 16 years old, Mike melted down his old crayons to make his mom a candle for Christmas. His neighbor liked it so well, that she bought it from him. He then had enough money to buy wax to make both a candle for his mom and one to sell. This was the beginning of a bright future for Yankee Candles.

Today, Yankee Candles are the #1 selling brand in the United States. The ?Housewarmers? are Yankee Candles most popular candle. They vary in size from votives at 3.7 oz. to 14.5 oz. and 22 oz. candles in jars with a lid. These Yankee Candles burn anywhere from 25-150 hours-depending on the size of candle. Yankee Candles are not only available as votives and in jars, they also are available as tarts, tea lights, pillars, tapers, and floating candles.

If you?d like to add a little accent to your Yankee Candles, then try one of their many colorful accessories, such as: jar toppers, pillar and jar bases, jar shades, chandeliers, or holders for your tea light, votive, or floating candles. They have some very beautiful items to choose from.

The most exciting aspect of Yankee Candles are their fragrances. Yankee Candles come in every scent under the sun! Make your kitchen feel warm and homey by savoring the delicious aromas of Fresh Peach, Apple Cider, or French Vanilla. Arouse your senses with the delicious home-baked aroma of Banana Nut Bread, Blueberry Muffin or mouth watering Chocolate Chip Cookie. You can almost taste the Chocolate Chip Cookie melting in your mouth!

You can enjoy other scintillating Yankee Candles in the rest of your home. Soothe your senses with the heavenly scents of Lilac Blossoms, Fresh Cut Roses, Clean Cotton, Green Grass, or Hydrangea.

So, whether you want to arouse or soothe your senses, you can make your entire home inviting with the tantalizing fragrances of Yankee Candles.

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Published by: Wendy Yeager

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