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Online Learning Authoring System for Creating E-Courses.

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by: Kathy Sparks
I'll go back about a year and a half when I began researching an online learning system for two of my clients. What keywords to use -- online learning. Well no, that brings up all sorts of colleges, universities, technical schools, software certification schools with hundreds of listings of classes. Okay, how about "writing courses online." No again, these words simply tell me where to go to find about writing courses online.

The subject is really rather obscure. This might be because authoring systems are generally for large companies who can afford to purchase customized software specifically written for their company. Okay, let's try "online authoring course." Good, a little closer, but now I'm coming up with software packages to purchase. And they are not inexpensive. What I was looking for was a tool on line where I could have my own account and do the following at an affordable price:

- Log in to my personal account

- Create courses that have
-- Reading material
-- Self check quizzes
-- Final test
-- The ability to print
-- The ability to use PDF files with the course
-- Learners can start a class, leave class and come back to work on their class with their own personal log in.
-- Do a final quiz
-- Have the quiz graded and if successful, receive a certificate of successful completion

- Track the results of Learners
- Edit the course content on demand
- Have several different courses within one account
- Not have to worry about downloading software and publishing programs to my web site and creating login screens

And I needed a Pay as You Go price for a small start up online course business where I can increase the service as I increase business.

When I didn't find this solution a year and a half ago, I created my courses as E-books and sent them out to Learners who ordered them and wanted the ability to do their classes from the convenience of their homes. Although easier than printing and mailing booklets, it did cause new problems, like "I couldn't get my course to download," I didn't receive the email," I can't find the Enrollment Code," but at least they weren't telling me "the dog ate my course." However, those Internet gremlins do show up occasionally.

At last I stumbled upon my perfect solution and a free 30 day trail! This is a 100% web based e-Learning toolset. I've created my first course. It really is quite easy. You don't need programming skills - simply copy and past your material. If you are a coach, consultant, tutor or teacher and have courses to share, you should really try this tool. It's easy to get started.

Visit E-Course Management at to learn more about the system and to learn about the basics of writing online courses. Take a tour and then sign up for a free 30-day trial to try it out. Customer service has been terrific. It's a "virtual" blessing.

About the author:
Kathy Sparks began building her successful Virtual Assistant practice after being certified with AssistU in 1998. She has partnered with clients worldwide in a multitude of professions and is editor and contributor for "The Virtual Advantage," an online newsletter for VAs and their clients. Web site: Your Virtual Resource at"I feel so good - it's like having a "busy bee" working behind the scenes to help me. I'm loving it." ~ a client

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