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Why do I need a paper shredder?.

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by: Michael Rad
Paper shredders are your best protection against one of the most dangerous plagues of modern society ? identity theft. Shredders help you dispose of sensitive documents that are no longer needed without risking losing information in the wrong hands. Find out more by reading this article:

There are many reasons for purchasing a paper shredder, and the need for such an office device increased since the FACTA Law ?Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act? was passed in 2005. Many offices consider such a purchase but are worried about the room the paper shredder will occupy. There is good news for them ? small office paper shredders ? they take very little room and offer more than enough shredding capacity for a small 3-5 person office. Another issue some company managers come across is related to paper shredder costs. However, the devices requires almost no cash to maintenance and run and the fact of knowing that your disposed documents cannot be pieced together is worth every cost ? find out more here: www.paper-shredder-expert.com.

Identity theft prevention

The scale of identity theft has been recently analyzed in a federal report and the general results were worrying. The report states that lately, one out of four American homes is targeted by identity theft. This is a very large-scale problem, it was shown, and home owners, together with business managers, started putting more thought into efficiently protecting themselves against this plague. Business and employee personal information is often thrown away in the garbage, from where it is easily removed by someone who wishes to use that information illegally. One answer to this problem is the new June 2005 FACTA Law (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act) which brings new regulations concerning identity theft.

Office paper shredders

An increased rigor in safety rules determined many companies to acquire office paper shredders. They are one of the safest ways to dispose of official documents or any other sensitive document type that has served its purpose. Most office paper shredders are getting close to flawlessness in cutting paper in a way that prevents any form of document restoration. Once such documents are shredded, the potential risk factor of someone putting them back together decreases to almost zero. There are various office paper shredder types to choose from, from basic to advanced models.

Work load of office paper shredders

Office shredders are presented in various sizes, colors and models. There are very few things that can break the shredder and their affordable price and increased durability recommends them as a smart investment. Most office paper shredder models are easily adjusted to the environment of your office and maintenance is easy to perform. You can also choose different color schemes for the office paper shredder, so that they blend in perfectly with your environment. The work capability of the paper shredder is usually very high, more than enough for regular office needs. Industrial paper shredders are also available for companies that deal with a lot of paper documentation.

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