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CD Duplication: Superb Quality At A Cheap Price... Don?t You Love It?.

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by: Mike Waters
There has never been a more opportune moment to have your audio book, music project, training disc, or CD-R business card duplicated than this very moment. Why? Simply stated, because it?s cheap!

The cost of blank CDs has dropped drastically over the past couple of years. Retail outlets such as Office Max and Staples run specials on blank CDs where you can purchase a 50 CD-R spindle for under $20. Froogle has similar deals on blank CDs with a 50 pack available for less than $12.

For those interested in CD duplication at home, many of the popular Dell series of computers come packaged with a CD burner included for prices starting under $500. If you already own a computer and want to add an internal CD burner, several retailers have brands available for under $50. You can even purchase an external CD burner to satisfy your CD duplication needs for under $100.

Making cheap CD duplication even more affordable are CD duplication powerhouses such as DiscMakers, Oasis, and CDman who specialize in duplicating large quantities of CDs at low prices. Not only do these CD duplication firms offer superior quality at an affordable price, they also give unbelievably low package deals on graphics, CD inserts, jewel cases, and other professional accompaniments to complete your CD project.

The best part about these cheaper prices is that you are not sacrificing quality in the process. You are still getting exceptional digital quality with each CD purchased. However, because CDs are limited in the amount of data that can be stored on them in comparison to DVDs and other forms of recordable/writable media, the prices of CD duplication continues to fall.

With all of this being said, what are you waiting on? Stop paying higher prices and start saving money today while growing your business with cheap CD duplication services. With prices this low, how can you resist?

About the author:
Mike Waters is owner of Waters Rock music studio and the senior technology columnist for Media-Tech Entertainment and You. Be sure to check out more about his music cd duplication services and data
cd duplication at

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