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The Seller?s Creed.

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by: Rick Beneteau
I will not make sales. I will make Customers.

I will target the heart of my Customer. Never their wallet.

My Customer is the lifeblood of my business.

Though I may sell my Customers what they want,
I will deliver what they need and make their lives better.

Courtesy and Service are cornerstones of my relationship with
my Customer.

I will view complaints as opportunities . . . opportunities to
create lifelong Customers.

The quality of my products and how I treat my Customers will
determine the level of My Success.

My prosperity will come from ?growing? people.

My best advertisement is my product, and, the Customer service
behind it.

Making money without making friends is not good business.

I will guide my business with the perfect blend of heart and

I will make Integrity my trademark. After all, isn?t integrity
all I have and all I will be remembered for?

I will compete only against myself as the only true
measurement is against myself.

It is fine to fail. In fact, it is most often a requirement of

My reputation is everything - my ego, nothing.

Every pittance I earn unjustly is a debt of fortune I must

No matter the fame or fortune that may follow me,
My values, My family and My friends must remain at the very
core of my being.

Better I be trusted and respected, than be materially rich.

Better I be a dolphin swimming with sharks, than a shark.

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? Rick Beneteau

About the author:
Rick is co-creator of the breakthrough Make Every Day A Great
Day Program. Read the powerful, life-changing testimonials
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