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Register now to avoid disappointment.

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by: itXcel
Any successfully business person will tell you that one of the keys to a successful business is to plan ahead. With all the work and planing that has to be done, it can be easy to overlook some of the smaller points. Registering domain names is not something that traditionally has a high priority when you're planning the future of your business. It has however become more important to reserve your on-line real estate as soon as you possibly can.

There are two good reasons to register domain names now even if you have no immediate plans to develop a website.

Every single day thousands of domain names are registered by people all around the world. The effect this has on you is an ever shrinking pool of suitable domain names to choose from. It is likely that several other companies around the world share your business name so even that is not safe.

The second less obvious reason relates to a recent change in the way search engines decide what order web pages should appear in their results. Search engines have started to look at the age of the domain name and if it was only registered recently (within a year) the site will be penalised. The result of this is your new website will fail to appear for any of the competitive search results for a considerable amount of time.

A simple solution to both these problems is to sit down and spend some time brain storming what your domain name requirements for the next year or two are likely to be then register the domains now. With the low cost of domain name registrations you only have to make a very small investment to secure the on-line future of your business. Most domain registrars also provide a free holding page service so there is no need to have a website.

Remember to register domains relating your business name and area of business. You should also look at registering domain names for your products. If you're going to be launching a new product or service then register a domain for it now.

About the author:
Based in the UK itXcel Internet Ltd provide Internet services, including domain name registration and web site hosting to small to medium sized businesses and home users.

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