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Coming to the Rescue?with Motorcycle First-Aid Kit.

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by: Maricon Williams
How safe is riding? Or how dangerous can it be? Perhaps, the level varies depending on the rider?s manner of driving and the efficiency of the bike?s totality. Nevertheless, we can't say that responsible drivers will never encounter accident - same thing that reckless drivers are not always susceptible to accident. But what if accident strikes? Have you any stuff to help a fellow rider, or perhaps yourself? Can you extend the gasping breath of life?

Carrying a first-aid kit in the bike is not a common practice among bikers. In fact, only a few have realized its worth. Let?s face it, injuries from collisions, falls, bumps, etc. are not that simple. You cannot cure them by just placing band-aids ? it won?t help!

The best thing that we can do is to carry a first-aid kit wherever we go. Accident happens when we least expect them. Thus, even when we think it is less likely to happen, we have to carry something that might be of help when it happens.

As for me, I see to it that all our bikes in the garage have first-aid kits in them. What are its contents? - Antiseptic and burns ointments, latex gloves, a pair of scissors or shears, sterile gauze pads, triangle bandages (made of muslin), distilled water (can also be used in cases of dehydration), pain reliever and ice bag. If in case a rider is wounded, it is easy for one to cleanse the wound with distilled water or any potable water, apply some ointment and cover the wound with gauge or bandage if said materials are accessible. If in case, the rider is bleeding, latex gloves can be used to avoid contamination. To staunch the bleeding gauge and bandage or any piece of cloth can be used. If in case there is fracture or limp, careful handling is necessary. Mishandling can worsen the condition of the casualty ? so be extra careful in dealing with it.

Horrible results can also take place in an accident. There can be head injuries, hemorrhage, mutilation, third degree-burns, severe fractures, eyes coming out of place and the likes. These instances need an immediate medical attendance. Call the emergency hotline to request for help.

Applying first-aid is vital. Thus, the knowledge of it is also inevitable to save lives. Good background in CPR and dealing with wounds and fractures can be a good start. However, nothing will beat attending a First-aid class. You sure can save?

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