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Parking Your Bike.

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by: Maricon Williams
Parking is probably the easiest thing to learn about riding. Nevertheless, there are a great number of riders who are violating it.

Parking is not a driving skill to master. However, if you take it for granted, chances are, you may cause scatches, bumps or traffic jam. The rule is so simple that you can even use your common sense alone. Of course, you have to park where it is legal and safe. You can be guided by the signs, signals, curb markings, warnings and the likes.

There are important pointers that a rider must know about parking and these are the following:

1.Place the transmission in first gear after shutting the engine off.
2.Push the bike forward to accommodate the transmission.
3.Then, lock the front wheel.
4.Provide ample space for other vehicles so as not to hit the motorcycle when they pull over.
5.Your bike may have side stand, center stand or both. However, bikes are maneuvered from the left side of the driver thus, to be comfortable dismounting can be done on the left side also.
6.Avoid parking your bike on a hill or an accelerated area.
7.Also avoid parking on a soft surface. Look for a harder surface. If there are none, just insert a stone or piece of wood under the bike's stand. If there is a center stand then use it to avoid rolling of the bike.
8.Do not forget to bring the ignition keys with you.

A lot of the riders are violating the rules just to show off or brag about it. But there's no good in ending in jail or injuring another person just for the sake of bragging about breaking the rules. In the first place what is there to brag? Noone can take pride on a wrong act simply because it is wrong.

The rules are simple but we complicate them. No matter what we do, where we are, it is always good to go by the rules. You will never regret it!

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