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Google -The Best Thing Ever or the Internet's Worst Nightmare.

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by: Abe Smith
Is Google the greatest thing ever or the Internet's worst nightmare?

Almost everyone uses Google Search. Most use it many times a day, but is Google really the greatest thing ever? After tons of research, debugging rumors, and trial and error, I have discovered the truth. Read on and I may tell you.

Googlebot is one of the first search engine spiders ever made. Googlebot constantly scans websites and their source code, deciding what their pagerank should be. Sounds pretty good huh? Not really. Googlebot and other search engine robots drain your bandwidth, and mislead your counters. Of those 10,000 visitors you got, maybe one or two thousand were real.

Now let's talk about Pagerank. Google updates around once every six to twelve months. Even with the updated Pagerank, it takes about another few months to update the search engine results.

As for those Search Engine results, one word "Stacked". To be on the top page, you must do the premium submission. You probably need to do it for the next three or four pages as well. Premium or free submission, it takes months to have Google look at your site at all. More on the results, most of them are bad results, with little content.

Yet without Google what would you do? Google is the only major search engine out there with billions of listings. WRONG. MSN search is the best search engine by far. It lists you quickly, it took me 3 days for my site to be listed, and it got a fair result too, number 23.

So you decide. Is Google truly the best thing on the Internet, or is it in fact the Internet's worst nightmare?

About the author:
Abe Smith webmaster of the webmaster forum be contacted by email. Please link back to his homepage if you use his article.

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