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by: Paul Stanyon
What Do You Want
Hi Everybody

I have recently launched my website www.wanted-online after a severely disabled could not find for love nor money a car part he was looking It's for anyone who wants something, so you place your ad and wait for the seller to come to you. We are incredibly cheap compared to other similar sites, with no hidden extras and also compared to other similar sites are very,very straightforward to use. If my blurb doesn't entice you to have a look then so be it but I can't believe there isn't something you want! You can email me at paul@wanted-online.com for some FREE advertising

About the author:
Having spent months looking for a particular thing without success my wife felt there was a niche in the market for people who are looking for something or maybe someone and although there are similar sites out there we specialize solely in what people want. www.wanted-onlinedoesjust that. Take a look and you can email me at paul@wanted-online.com for more info or some free offers.

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