Wearing birkenstocks is like wearing no other pair of shoes!..
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Wearing birkenstocks is like wearing no other pair of shoes!.

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by: Mike Yeager
Wearing birkenstock shoes is like wearing no other pair of shoes. Johann Adam Birkenstock was a shoemaker in Germany in the late 1700?s. The birkenstock shoe was designed with an understanding that a person?s shoes should reflect the shape of their feet. If the shoe is contoured and shaped like a human foot, comfort is sure to follow. For many, many years birkenstock shoes have done just that. Comfort, style and durability have all been a part of every pair of birkenstocks.

In prehistoric times skins or hides were probably tied around the foot for protection and warmth. The sandal, probably the earliest form of shoe, was worn in Egypt, Greece, and Rome; an early form of the boot was also known in Greece and Rome. The characteristic shoe of the Middle Ages was the soft, clinging moccasin, which extended to the ankle. It was highly decorated and was of velvet, cloth of gold, and, increasingly, of leather. Today the choices of shoes are great?wonderful styles and comfort.

Whether its birkenstock shoes, birkenstock sandals or clogs, each pair is beautifully designed and crafted for easy wear and fashionable.

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Mike Yeager

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