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Bodybuilding Training Tips ? From a Champion!.

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by: Greg Ryan
Twenty two years ago I feel into the world of bodybuilding by accident. I had absolutely no discipline, determination or confidence in myself. After many championships, Television shows, movie star clients and successful businesses here are a few training tips that have kept me going all these years.

1. MORE THAN JUST LOOKS: Realize exercise is more than just having a great physique. It is about strengthening the mind and heart and soul.

2. KEEP THE BIG PICTURE IN MIND: You will have good days and bad days. One day at a time attitude.

3. BE SOLD OUT! No matter if you are a competitive bodybuilder or just one who does it for a hobby, be sold out for life to exercise.

4. LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR. This one will be hard for most of you to do. But to be a champion, you have to get rid of your ego. Your mind is your biggest competitor. In order to improve on your health you need to not be self serving.

5. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: If you think you know everything, forget, stop right now. You never will. Continue to learn all the time. Most importantly, share your knowledge.

6. HAVE FUN: Most people in bodybuilding are wound way to tight. Loosen up a little.

7. ASK FOR HELP: If you do not know something, ask someone who does.

8. MORE IS NOT BETTER: Put time limits on your workouts.

9. HAVE VARIETY: Never be afraid to change your exercise routine around.

10. HAVE SYNERGY: Incorporate all areas of fitness. Low body fat levels are more important than the size of your biceps.

What every your goals are remember the big picture. You are in this for life, even when the body is not were you want it to be.

About the author:
Greg Ryan is a best selling author, former employee of Kathy Smith, and high profile fitness expert. LOSE WEIGHT IMMEDIATELY! Discover the common sense way to lose weight with out dieting that the doctor?s DON?T want you to know.

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