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Star Trac treadmill a stride towards quality..

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by: Atanu Ghosh
Star Trac treadmill is the answer to a commercial quality and solid treadmill. Star Trac treadmill is the ideal choice for heavy commercial use and for intense training. Star Trac treadmill models are of commercial quality and built to run or walk on for numerous hours per day.

Star Trac treadmills are widely used in commercial gyms across the world. Start Trac treadmills are one of the most expensive treadmills available in the treadmill industry. If price is commensurate of quality than Star Trac treadmills is one of the best because of their high costs.

Start Trac is one of the most recognized brands in the treadmill industry. According to their sales literature, more than 2 million people in over 65 countries use Star Trac treadmills every day at home and in fitness facilities.

Star Trac offers five treadmill models for use in exercise clubs and training facilities ? Elite, Pro, Pro S and TR4500. Star trac provides just one treadmill model TR901 for home usage. Star Trac treadmill designs are multi-featured and mostly targeted towards the commercial fitness market.

Star Trac treadmills are generally more expensive ranging in price from about $3600 for the TR901 to over $7800 for the Pro.

Remanufactured models of Star Trac treadmills like the Star Trac 2000, 4000 and 1800 are available at considerably lower prices from fitness equipment retailers.

Star Trac treadmill models are innovative and appealing in fitness and training features. Climbers will appreciate the Aero bar on Pro S Star Trac treadmill model. Runners will appreciate the soft cushioning system in Star Trac treadmills.

Star Trac treadmills are well built. Reliability and low maintenance are key features of Start Trac Treadmills. Star Trac dose not really make treadmills for home use. Only one model of Start Trac treadmill in the product range of six is aimed at the home user.

The TR4500 model of Star Trac treadmill provides readouts on calories, laps, heart rate, incline, time, distance, and offers an assortment of programmed workout options. The Star Trac Elite treadmill allows users to plug into popular entertainment systems and has two fans for comfort. The TR901 model of Star Trac treadmill incorporates features like incline that adjusts to user heart rate, impact absorption system, 250 workout programs with data storage up to five users and powerful 2HP motor with quick start.

Majority of people cannot afford to buy a Star Trac treadmill due to its high cost. Few people are in a position to buy a Star Trac treadmill.

Undoubtedly the most disappointing feature of Star Trac treadmills is the warranty on parts. As compared to Landice treadmills or even Smooth treadmills, Star Trac treadmills do not offer warranty that has a longer coverage period. Star Trac offers warranties based on use of their treadmill models, not equipment model.

Star Trac treadmills have a different warranty policy. Rather than having a set warranty with each particular treadmill, Star Trac provides warranty cover based on the amount and type of usage. Star Trac treadmills bought for home usage have a warranty period of 3 years on parts. The same treadmill if bought for heavy commercial use provides a warranty period of only 2 years.

Star Trac treadmills meant for home usage have a long lasting motor as compared to ones used for commercial means. Star Trac treadmills have smaller consoles.

Star Trac TR4500 treadmill, Star trac Pro treadmill, Star Trac Pro S treadmill, Star Trac Sport treadmill and Star Trac TR901 treadmill are the models from Star Trac.

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