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Arnold Press guide.

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by: John Gibb
The Arnold Press, also known as the rotational shoulder press, isolates the deltoids with little other muscle emphasis, with exception of the triceps. It?s a good idea to start out with a light weight when first attempting this exercise, until your muscles get used to the movements.

This exercise can be performed sitting or standing. It may be beneficial to perform this exercise sitting with adequate back support to reduce the chance of injury.

To begin, take a dumbbell in each hand and bring them up to your shoulders as if you had just curled them. Your back should be straight and your head should be facing straight forward. From this position you should begin rotating the arms out away from your body, while simultaneously lifting your arms up over your head. By the time you are halfway through the movement your elbows should be pointing away from your body.

At the top of the movement, the arms should be extended without locking the elbows. From this position, retaining a fluid movement, reverse the procedure and return to where the dumbbells are level with your shoulders in front of your body. Continue with the exercise until you?ve reached the designated rep completion for your set.

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