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by: Seth Miller
The price of liposuction will vary from state to state and from physician to physician. Although cost is surely a crucial factor in determining whether or not to have the surgery performed, several steps should be taken prior to obtaining a price quote from a surgeon. As a general estimate, last year, liposuction costs ranged from $1,000 - $10,000. Prices can vary largely depending on how much fat is to be removed and which areas of the body the surgery is targeting. Many cosmetic surgeons have pricing guides that may give a prospective patient a general idea of liposuction costs.

Firstly, the American Association of Plastic Surgeons (AAPS) recommends that a prospective patient thoroughly interview several surgeons and ask key questions before deciding on a doctor. The patient should inquire about the physician?s educational background and work experience. The surgeon should have graduated from an accredited medical school, have at least two years of residency in a cosmetic surgery setting and be a member of the AAPS. Most reputable cosmetic surgeons will also welcome a patient?s request for references. Carefully choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon can greatly affect the outcome of the liposuction surgery.

After careful research, the patient will need to attend an in-depth consultation or counseling session with the chosen surgeon. This is when the surgeon will be able to give pricing information. The cost of the procedure is mostly determined by the area which will be treated and how much fat will be removed during the surgery. Many other factors are included in the cost of the procedure, however, such as anesthetics, facility fees, liposuction compression garments, bloodwork, and laboratory testing. Some surgeons may also recommend additional treatments such as ultrasounds or massages which should be taken into consideration in estimating the cost of the liposuction surgery. Another factor that influences the cost is how the surgeon ?counts? different areas of the body. For example, many surgeons consider the upper and lower abdomen to be separate areas.

As with other cosmetic surgeries, unless it is considered reconstructive surgery due to illness or injury, insurance companies will not generally cover the costs. In most cases it is possible to arrange with the doctor to have a smaller area treated to save on costs. Many refer to this as the ?pay-as-you-go method,? which allows those with budget concerns to have a cost-effective option. Financing is another option, but because costs can become very high in the long run, it is usually not recommended. Many surgeons inform patients that using a credit card or cash advance may be less expensive than financing through the doctor?s office. Though cost is an important factor, finding a good cosmetic surgeon who is willing to work with you within your means while performing at the highest standards should be at the top of a patient?s priorities; this will influence the satisfaction one gains from the overall experience.

About the author:
Liposuction Info provides comprehensive information on the costs of standard, tumescent, and abdominal liposuction, ?before and after? information, liposuction alternatives, and more. Liposuction Info is the sister site of Tummy Tuck Web.

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