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Two Easy Ways to Protect against Flu.

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by: Jeremy Maddock
People across America are lining up for flu shots, buying cold and cough medications, and researching which antibiotics that might need this winter. Despite all this elaborate planning, there are surprisingly few people who remember two of the low tech staples that can be first line defenses against seasonal illness: exercise and Beta Glucan oat fiber (?-glucan).

Both moderate exercise and Beta Glucan have long been thought to increase immune system function, and thus protect against infection. A new research study explores the possibly benefits of combining the two.

The study, using an example of induced respiratory infection in mice, looks at direct effects incurred by a short period of moderate physical activity, followed by consumption of Beta Glucan.

After conducting a 21-day experiment, scientists concluded that both the Beta Glucan substance and moderate exercise significantly increased the chances of recovery in the infected mice. In this particular experiment, the effects of combining the two were not fully explored, but the scientists believe that there may be long term benefit involved in doing this. Further research will have to be done in order to completely realize the potential of combining them.

One thing that was definitively confirmed by the study is that both methods are effective in enhancing the immune system and protecting against cough, cold, and flu. This means that getting a decent amount of exercise, even in the winter, is absolutely essential in the fight against seasonal illness. If you find yourself unable to maintain adequate physical activity levels, however, Beta Glucan is a great way to recover the lost benefit, and also help in the long-term development of a strong, healthy immune system.

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