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The ten most important feng shui design tips.

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by: Jakob Jelling
If you wish to learn how to manage interior design according to feng shui design guidelines, there are some major tips you must know. We wish to help you achieve a balanced and harmonic feng shui design for any environment you wish it to be. Read the next paragraphs and learn the feng shui design most important tips.

1. Feng shui design should always be done having the people who will be in it in mind. People's comfort must be a priority, and all you do must be done thinking of that.

2. You should be guided by the bagua map and the areas it indicates within that space in order to distribute objects and furniture in it.

3. Make use of the main feng shui elements. An interior design uses furniture and objects which may contain the different elements. These elements should always be in harmonic quantities and according to the bagua map indications.
4. You should choose colors according to what they symbolize and represent. Different colors represent different elements and have different symbolisms.

5. Good feng shui design does not allow dark spots in it since that doesn't allow chi flowing properly.

6. You should choose carefully the shapes of the objects and furniture; different shapes provide different feelings as well as tend to balance in different ways.

7. Couches and chairs should always be placed in a way that allows those who sit on them to easily look at the door.

8. According to feng shui design guidelines beds should not be right across the door and ideally should have a wall at one side as protection.

9. Mirrors should be placed strategically, thought according to the light amount wished as well as which objects you wish it to reflect.

10. Correct feng shui design would allow people to feel good and comfortable in that interior without really noticing it has been carefully thought of. It should be natural and balanced, providing comfort to those occupying it.

About the author:
Jakob Jelling is the founder of http://www.fengshuicrazy.comPlease visit his website and learn all the feng shui tips you'll ever need!

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