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Golf Exercise And Stretch Program For Total Golf Performance.

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by: Mike Pedersen
Golf exercise and stretch. This is a combination I use in all of my golf fitness programs both online and with my personal golf clients. It?s the ultimate combination to improve the golfers swing quickly and efficiently.

A fitness program for golfers that does not incorporate a golf exercise and stretch is doing more harm than good. Golfers need that blend of dynamic strength specific to the golf swing and the range of motion to hold it for 18 holes.

So many times I hear a golfer mention stretching only. This is a big mistake! Stretching without strengthening does not equal permanent range of motion improvements. An over-stretched muscle that doesn?t have strength opens up the possibilities for injury.

That is why golf exercise and stretch is the key. For every golf exercise, there is an appropriate stretch. Taking this approach will create a powerful swing with less tension and stress put on the body.

An example of golf exercise and stretch is doing a back hyperextension for strength, and then lying on your back, grabbing your knees and pulling them into your chest to stretch your back. That would be a perfect combination for your lower back.

This is how your entire golf exercise program should be laid out. And notice, it?s never just one or the other. It?s both!

If you ever come across a golf fitness trainer who doesn?t incorporate both?run! That?s not the program for you. Any professional should mention both topics, not just one or the other.

So hopefully you have gained a little knowledge as to a golf exercise and stretch program.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness swing trainers in the country, author and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Take a look at his just released golf fitness dvds and manual at his golf swing tips site - Perform Better Golf.

The golf swing is a physically demanding movement. Until golfers realize this, their pursuit of the perfect swing will never be achieved. Mike Pedersen is President/CEO Perform Better Golf which offers golf training dvds, manual and equipment. Get Mike's free Fit To A Tee ebook by subscribing at <

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