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The Proper Golf Swing And How To Achieve It.

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by: Mike Pedersen
Every golfer wants to know the magic secret to achieving the proper golf swing. One that is repeatable and produces results.

If you have been trying to accomplish the proper golf swing through traditional ways and still aren?t happy with your results?you'll need to keep reading this article to find out why.

You see?it?s your body that is keeping you from achieving the proper golf swing and playing your best golf! Doesn?t that make sense?

If your body is physically declining, and has limited golf-specific strength and flexibility?you will have a minimal chance at ever achieving the proper golf swing.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news?but this is a fact!

There are certain physical ?musts? to achieve a proper golf swing.

Here are just a couple:

  • Approximately a 90 degree shoulder turn with a 45 hip turn.
  • Golf posture with a slight bend at the hips and in the knees.
  • Start the downswing with the lower body first, maintaining your upper body coil.
  • Impact?you should be ?behind the ball? with your head and upper body as the hips are slightly open.
  • Follow through requires maintaining the spine angle you had at address, throughout the follow through.

Now?you don't see how physical limitations in both strength and flexibility will limit or not allow you to attain the above requirements, I don't think you?re really looking at it closely.

The golf swing puts the body under tremendous stress throughout the entire swing. Especially the lower back (due to the coiling and uncoiling of the upper body over a stable lower body), hips, wrists and even shoulders.

The ONLY way to achieve the proper golf swing is to physically improve your bodies limiting factors, so that you can finally achieve the proper golf swing.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness swing trainers in the country, author and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Take a look at his just released golf fitness dvds and manual at his golf swing tips site - Perform Better Golf.

The golf swing is a physically demanding movement. Until golfers realize this, their pursuit of the perfect swing will never be achieved. Mike Pedersen is President/CEO Perform Better Golf which offers golf training dvds, manual and equipment. Get Mike's free Fit To A Tee ebook by subscribing at <

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