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Home improvement > Start Your Next Home Improvement Project With Tools and Hardware You Buy Online.

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by: Craig Whitley
One of the mistakes most do-it-yourself homeowners makes during significant home improvement projects is in trying to complete the job without the right tools. How many times have you tried to use a flat-head screwdriver instead of the right wood chisel, for example? You get the picture, right? All of us are guilty of trying to take shortcuts or save money and opt to inventing what I call "poor-boy" methods and ways to perform a home improvement task using the wrong tool.

It's not that we don't know better. For we almost always know when we're not working with the right tools. But, we either can't afford the right tool at the time, or we're in a hurry and don't want to take the time that it takes to run to Home Depot, Lowe's or the local hardware store to buy the correct tool to do the job.

This is particularly the cases when we're being asked to do what I call "honey-do" projects. You know what I'm talking about, right? That's when your spouse (notice I didn't say wife) is sweet to you for no apparent reason and after buttering you up tells you (notice I didn't say "asks you")"Honey, this weekend when you have some time I would like for you to do [insert task here] for me." Then before you can respond you hear, "Oh, and while you're at it honey can you also do [task 2], and [task 3] and [task 4] and ......." You get the picture -- that's what I can "honey do projects" and almost all of them will require tools to perform.

Notice to that honey-do projects around the house never come one at a time, they usually come in bunches. And if you're not willing to create a check-off list to note the ones you've completed, trust me, you spouse will gladly create the check-off list for you. In fact, my spouse typically gives a hug, a kiss, a nibble on the ear -- then slides the check-off list in my shirt pocket and says "Honey, here's a short list of just a few things I would like for you to do around the house this weekend." That list usually laps around to the backside of the page.

I've found that you just can't say "no" to honey-do projects. It doesn't pay. And excuses like "I had planned on watching the Masters golf tournament, or the Superbowl is this weekend, don't go over well." So it's best to learn how to do things quickly. And to perform projects quickly, saving you time to watch the NBA playoffs or that next round of Jeopardy is having the right tools for the job.

But as I said, most of us will procrastinate forever and try to build skyscrapers using nothing but a hammer and a putty knife. Take my word; the best investment a man can make in his life is in the contents of his toolbox and workshop. Sure, that investment can cost you a fortune over a lifetime, but not if you shop wisely. And that's the point of this article, for the best deals you'll find on tools is not at your local Home Depot or Lowe's. Don't get me wrong, I love both stores and would rather be browsing their shelves than visiting my local sports bar (sounds corny but true). But when I shop for tools I go online. The savings can be enormous on many items.

A great place to get started when shopping for tools is, at -- your central resource center for tools of all kinds. This excellent information hub for tools, hardware and home improvement provides links to the best tool sites online, articles about tools, tool auctions, books about tools and much more. Do yourself a big favor and check out before you make your next tool purchase.
About the author:

Craig Whitley is a jack-of-all-trades, from web entrepreneur to publisher of numerous e-books and articles about a wide variety of subjects. He created http://www.1-tools.comfor guys just like himself that treasure time with the sofa and remote control more than the time it takes to build a picnic table using nothing but a ball ping hammer, nails and a hacksaw. Instead, he has found time to perform all honey-do projects in record time and still has time to see his favorite sporting events and movies by buying the right tools for the job at the right price.

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