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5 Helpful Tips for Selling Your Home.

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by: Mike Lindsey
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Tip #1 Shed A Little Light on the Subject

Two major things that your potential buyers will be looking for in your home include light and space.

Sure, it?s alright to have one room that is a bit on the darker side; however, if the entire home is dark, that should be considered to be a problem.

When people will be viewing your home, open drapes and blinds, turn on all of the lights, and add lights to darker rooms.

If Mother Nature doesn?t feel like being helpful on the day that people will be viewing your home, use flowers and other similar things that will suggest sunlight.

Your goal is to make your space look crisp, sharp, and vibrant. Your home should be a happy space inside which the prospective buyer wants to spend more time.

Tip #2 Look Down on Your Carpet.

If you have carpet, it?s wise to have it shampooed to remove any stains or smells that may exist. If that doesn?t work, then you'll likely have to get rid of it.

If your carpet is dirty looking, soiled, or stained beyond rescue, then your only alternative is to get rid of it. Instead of replacing it with carpet, think about wood or laminates, since they?re better selling features.

Wood and laminates make your home look more spacious, and people like to see woods and laminates more than carpeting when they?re looking at homes. As an added bonus, these types of flooring are much easier to keep clean than carpets are.

Tip #3 Avoid Making a ?Statement?

If you have any kinds of ?loud? decorating that makes a statement or that is controversial, you should take it down.

Examples of controversial decorating are a deer head on the wall, or a bear skin rug.

These items may be attractive or fun in your eyes, but there are many people who will find this a complete turnoff.

This is the same for books and magazines that you might have lying around. If you?re not sure, the best thing is not to display them, in case something might be offensive or simply unattractive to prospective buyers.

Tip #4 Be Realistic

Remember that as much as you want to maximize your selling potential, you don't want to be so extreme that you?ve not only wasted your time, but you?ve overwhelmed those who will be viewing the home.

If you go too far, the house will look so staged that it will feel artificial. You want your buyers to feel that they could move into the place, not that they should stay behind the red velvet ropes.

Tip #5 The Kitchen Sink

There are lots of little things that you can do to the kitchen sink that are quite inexpensive and easy, and which will make an enormous difference in the overall picture.

For one thing, you'll want to be certain that there aren?t any leaks at all. Do a good job repairing leaks, to ensure that there won?t be any unfortunate surprises while the prospective buyers are viewing your kitchen.

Also you will want to remove stains from the sink and surrounding area. Use a good quality cleaning product, and make the sink and its hardware simply shine and sparkle.

This is almost as effective as replacing it altogether.

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