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Decorating? Then make a smart flooring choice!.

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by: Mike Yeager
Set the stage for your beautiful room decor with a smart flooring choice. And no matter what flooring material you choose, it should be serviceable for your lifestyle. Cleanability, durability, longevity and moisture and allergen resistance are the hallmark of good flooring. Flooring sets the tone for the look and feel of a room. But beyond appearance, the choice of flooring material should be based on how a room is used. For example, a room in which there is persistent foot traffic needs a hard floor whereas the kitchen floor needs to be soft on the feet while you dish out a gourmet meal! Which brings us to the fact that there are two main types of floors: raised floors that are wood framed, and floors built on concrete slabs.

Choose the right flooring option.

One just has to go through interior decoration catalogues to know the wide choice of flooring options available today. And there choices aplenty! Laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, tile flooring, armstrong flooring, pergo flooring and what-have-you!

Choose with care. Always take expert opinion. And see how a carefully planned floor can add style and value to one of the country?s finest homes - yours!

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