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Going to the Chapel and They?re Going to Buy a Mattress.

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by: ARA
(ARA) - When it comes to wedding planning there is a little tradition in all of us. Even the most contemporary brides find themselves looking for something ?borrowed? or something ?blue? as they prepare to walk down the aisle. Yet today?s wedding registries reflect less conventional choices, such as vacation destinations or nest egg contributions, rather than the typical china, flatware and household appliances.

What's the reason behind these evolving registries? Women are waiting longer to walk down the aisle, creating a new generation of brides with financial means. Today, the average American bride is 29 and has the means to support herself, allowing her to step into a marriage with almost all of the household basics, like frying pans and place mats.

So what do these new, self-sufficient brides really want? Well, according to a recent survey by the Better Sleep Council . . . mattresses. Nearly half of all married couples surveyed would choose a mattress as their first household purchase, instead of a more traditional item. Specifically:

* 47 percent of married couples surveyed indicated that what they really need is a mattress when they get married; and

* Engaged couples are taking note -- 33 percent of those surveyed placed a mattress as their priority purchase above a couch, kitchen table, lawn furniture, or a china cabinet.

Investing in a new mattress for your children or friends may be one of the most meaningful gestures you can make to wish them well in their life together. Recognizing that a mattress can be more costly than a ?table? sized gift, consider purchasing the couple a gift certificate -- with a group of close friends, family, or members of the wedding party. The certificate can be redeemed in the bedding section of a department store or at a local mattress retailer, where the couple can actually try out the mattress prior to purchase.

So as you think about gifts for the happy couple, consider the gift from the newlyweds? perspective: Do they really need another set of matching table linens to enhance their dining experience or do they need a mattress, which will enhance their quality of life together through a good night?s sleep?

For more information, visit www.bettersleep.org.

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