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Heart of the Home - Faux Finishes For Kitchen Cabinetry.

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by: Jay Dorman
Faux finished cabinets are finding a welcome home in today's kitchens. From the most timeworn distressed looks to high-end lacquered finishes, a decorative painter can add just the right touch from his artist's pallet to create the exact design and style most appropriate for your dream kitchen.

As we all know so very well, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's our source of comfort and joy. Whether we're preparing a meal for our loved ones or just hanging out with our friends, the kitchen is the place everyone loves to be the best. And these days, the makeup of our kitchen environs is getting the attention it deserves.

Older kitchens are being remodeled and expanded. The kitchens in new homes are bigger than ever and are more accessible, too. Everything that goes into making a perfect space is being included -- professional cooking equipment, granite countertops, sophisticated lighting, and especially important is stunningly beautiful cabinetry.

Giving the kitchen a particular feel can be easily achieved through decorative painting on the cabinets -- whether the look is farmhouse French, Swedish country, or even slick contemporary.

A sophisticated and experienced faux finisher has at his command many finishes and materials that can fit the needs of the interior designer, homebuilder and homeowner. He is able to provide information on the best colors and most suitable techniques, plus bring unique artistic insights to the job.

Some of the faux effects that are popular in kitchens these days include one or a combination of the following:

o Dry-brushing

o Stippling

o Strie

o Stains and paints

o Ragged glazes

o Metallic finishes

o Antique distressed finishes

Pricing for the finishes depends upon the level of complexity and the material used to get that ?just right? look. If your kitchen cabinetry is freshly painted, then a simple dry-brushed finish may be all you need, and is usually inexpensive. However, the more steps that are involved in a process, the more the price goes up. A knowledgeable faux finisher can work within your budget while giving you the best possible look to complete your dreams.

I encourage you to contact an experienced professional faux finisher for a free consultation when you are ready to begin your kitchen project.

Discuss your ideas with a faux finish expert -- look at colors, styles, techniques and samples. Then develop the perfect combination for your dream kitchen.

Ask detailed questions, get references, ask to see photos, and if possible go to a kitchen the faux finisher has completed to check out his quality and level of competence.

Make your heart of the home as perfect as you deserve.

About the author:
Jay Dorman is the owner of Greystone Artisans, a decorative painting and faux finishing company. This Houston-based company has been in business for eight years and has worked in many of the finest homes locally and in other cities in Texas. This team of talented artists is available for travel to locations outside of Texas, too!

Consultations are available upon request and are at no cost. Hundreds of samples including cabinetry finishes and wall finishes of all types can be seen at our showroom. The showroom, which houses our workroom as well, is open by appointment. Please visit us on the web at: http://www.greystoneartisans.com

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