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How to Add a Touch of Warmth to Every Home: It?s as Easy as 1-2-3.

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by: ARA
(ARA) - It seams that as we spend more and more time in our homes we are always looking to make our quality of life better. We are constantly seeking new ideas that embody both form and function. It is no surprise that people remodeling and upgrading their homes look to the bathroom to add luxury. The bathroom is quickly becoming one of the most lived in rooms in your house. After all, everyone wants to have that warm feeling when they are spending time in their living space. With the right changes you can create a spa like feeling with products such as heated tile, impressive baths with multiple showerheads, and towel radiators. Here are some tips for warming up your bathroom -- literally.

Start with a wall full of showerheads, to provide a pampering, steam-filled, hot shower. These days you can find all of the luxuries that you could possibly want, from multiple massage settings to the water coverage area; you can specify everything right down to the size of the water drops. These products can be found at any of the major bath fixture companies or your local kitchen and bath showroom. They start at under $100 and can be an inexpensive way to make a big splash in your new spa-like space.

Second, beautiful tile floors can give you that instant spa feel, but no one likes to step onto cold tile when getting out of a warm shower. Heated tiles systems can change the entire feel of your floor and your room. They come in two systems, electric and hot water. Your kitchen and bath professionals can help you decide what would work best for your space. If you?re doing even the smallest renovations, a system like this can make a large impact in your comfort level.

Lastly, there is a new product reaching the American market that has been a staple in Europe for years. Towel radiators differ from towel warmers in that they actually heat up the bathroom, as well as offering the added luxury of warming and drying your towels. If you are short on heat in your bathroom, this is an easy way to take it up a notch. The best part is they fit anywhere that you would put up your normal towel bar. ?If you have to have heat in your bathroom it might as well be pleasing to the eye and give you the added benefit of a warm towel,? says Kate Bosley of Zehnder, a towel radiator company.

These unique products even come with programmable controls that give you the ultimate in flexibility, convenience and efficiency. You can set the radiator to turn on before you get up in the morning and shut itself off so you don't waste energy. Wake to a warm bath and towel with no worries, because it only costs pennies a day. On top of that there is the count down timer. ?Say it?s been a stressful day and all you want is a long soak in the tub. Well, you hit the timer function before your bath and by the time you get out you have a wonderfully warm towel to wrap up in. After 1 ? hours the unit shuts itself off and returns back to its original program,? says Bosley.

Homeowners can easily install a towel radiator themselves. They can be hung on the wall with four screws and the proper wall anchors. After that, they just plug right in to your standard bathroom outlet. Check with your local professionals or the manufacturer about the appropriate installations on the new showerheads and radiant under floor heating systems. It is always best to do your homework and purchase top quality products that will last a lifetime.

As winter sets in the trend is for people to start to retreat to their homes and these days the house is not just a place to live, it is our sanctuary. Just imagine a long hot shower, stepping out onto a heated tile floor into a room that is cozy and warm, and grabbing that fluffy towel. Could you ask for more?

For more information on Zehnder?s towel radiators please call (888) 778-6701 or see them online at

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