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Kitchen Trends: Adding Spice to your Kitchen.

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by: ARA
(ARA) ? Veering away from its utilitarian roots, the function of today?s kitchen has broadened to become a social gathering space for friends and a homework space for kids. Fall is a good time to spice up your kitchen?s comfort level and transform it into the nucleus of your home.

?Most people are nesting at home, surrounding themselves with things that bring convenience and comfort to their living space,? says Billy Beson of William Beson Interior Design, Ltd. in Minneapolis, ?including the kitchen, where the sky is the limit with today?s design options.?

According to the National Association of Remodeling Industry, kitchens rank third as a home remodeling project. In fact, the return for homeowners at resale, on minor home-improvements projects, is 88 percent of their renovation dollar, according to ?Remodeling.?

?Repeatedly, homeowners comment that our natural quartz countertops are the crown jewel of their kitchen, and that they love the look and color,? says Lisa Bien-Sinz director of marketing of CAMBRIA, the only quartz countertops producer in the United States. ?We?re seeing customers remodel their kitchens and incorporate one of today?s hottest trends -- quartz.?

In order to spice up your kitchen and create a comfortable yet attractive space, consider these trends:

* Color: Bold to natural hues ? Adding color changes the look and feel of a room. Selecting a colorful countertop is a practical and decorative option for sprucing up a kitchen. When deciding on a color palette for your kitchen, Beson suggests choosing five adjectives that describe how you want the space to feel. ?These five adjectives can be your barometer in finalizing your color choice,? said Beson. ?For example if you want your kitchen to be cool, light, airy and open, then stay natural and avoid dark woods, black countertops and lots of pattern.?

* Countertops: Natural and no maintenance ? Quartz is leading the trend in natural countertops. This natural stone is available in a dazzling array of color. As you expand functional space in the kitchen, a quartz countertop is a smart choice, especially for an island, because it is non-porous, it is especially suitable for food preparation, durable enough to withstand active kids, yet so attractive it makes for a gorgeous centerpiece.

* Backsplash: Colorful tiles add a unique statement ? Spark your creativity and accent your kitchen walls with a customized backsplash. Mix-and-match colorful tiles into a one-of-a-kind design. This accent will add character to the wall behind your sink, and life to your kitchen.

* Food Safety in the Kitchen: A safe surface for the entire family ? While sweet aromas can lure anyone into the kitchen, bacteria, mold and mildew invisibly lurk in the food preparation space no matter what?s cooking. Gourmet chefs and food-safety conscious parents often have to scrub the countertops before and after serving a delicious fare, but no more.

Today, ideal surfaces for kitchens are non-porous countertops, such as CAMBRIA. Unlike granite, CAMBRIA is non-porous resulting in extremely low moisture absorption, reducing the potential for bacterial growth. In fact, The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF, International) has certified CAMBRIA Quality Quartz Surfaces for both Splash Zone and Food Zone preparation.

CAMBRIA has more advice to offer homeowners seeking answers to questions about color selections and mixing and matching with existing cabinetry to enhance their kitchen living space. For additional information about CAMBRIA, call 1-866-CAMBRIA or visit their Web site at

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