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Paul Thomas Yoder Releases Jazz Album Dreamin?.

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by: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Los Angeles, CA--November 9, 2005--Paul Thomas Yoder has a passion for music, and like many of us must separate that from his daily life in order to make a living. Like all artists, he would like nothing more than to record and play to support himself. Dreamin? about making that happen only comes natural. Being an indie artist is tough, but guys like Yoder have what it takes to move their career to the next level - talent.

Yoder plays an inspired trumpet, flugelhorn, and brings on the vocals with passion and purpose on his new release Dreamin?. From Herb Alpert inspired tracks like ?Sadeness? to rockers like ?True Faith,? he goes from one end of the musical spectrum to the other. Following in the tradition of great jazz fusion artists before him, Yoder leaves nothing to chance by offering his listeners a taste of many moods and atmospheres in his music.

With focus and determination, Paul Thomas Yoder has put together a solid release that gives everyone high hopes of more great things to come. Making the dream a reality gets closer every day someone discovers his music and certainly, the word will spread quickly- ?There is a jazzman in the Los Angeles area that is playing to win.? One listen of the new album Dreamin? concludes that the horizon looks clear and the new day bright for Paul Thomas Yoder.

Paul Thomas Yoder
c/o Brass On Ivory Productions
P.O. Box 845
La Canada, CA 91012-0845
(626) 319-8004 (phone)
(818) 242-0551 (fax)

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