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Tanya Fermin Offers Relief Aid To Victims of Katrina.

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by: Tanya Fermin

September 21, 2005-- San Francisco, CA--R & B and Jazz vocalist Tanya Fermin does not need a Special Invitation to extend a hand to her brothers and sisters in need. Fermin, as well many artists worldwide, have offered their music as a way of generating funds for the folks that have suffered from the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina.

Teamed with the incredibly successful CD Baby to market her latest release Special Invitation, Tanya is taking all the proceeds from the sales of the CD for one month and putting it in a fund for the victims of the hurricane. CD Baby plays a major role in the success of this by e-mailing millions of customers to make them aware of the offer.

There is no other place in the world like the United States and our humanity is our guiding light in times of need. The power of the media does not always have to be negative, we can use it for good things, and this is a perfect example. When disaster strikes, our good will comes to the surface very quickly because we all are compassionate and loving beings. The power of marketing and the best tool of all, the Internet, are making the raising of funds seamless and tremendously effective.

In good times and bad, we turn to music to ease the pain. We are thankful for artists that believe their art is not only a way to communicate with others, it?s an influential instrument that allows us to join together, use all our talents, and help to turn the ravages of a disaster into a more manageable situation for all of those affected.

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