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by: Abdallah Khamis Abdallah

When writing articles for publication, it is important that you bear certain matters in mind. If you want to write a good article that stands a good chance of publication you need to take the following into consideration before, when you are in the process and after completion:

Have you formed a full idea on what you want to write about? Which subject? Which topic?

Do you know where or how to find facts or material for your article?

Have you collected sufficient raw facts/data for your article?

Have you considered the article’s audience / market? Will it interest or captivate your readers?

Does your article have a main idea and secondary ideas?

Have you written enough to give readers quality and credible information?

Does the article offer any new, refreshing and useful advice or ideas?

Are paragraphs short, well arranged and flow smoothly from each other? Are sentences short and well constructed? Is punctuation all right and there are no grammatical mistakes?

Is your article descriptive? Is it sensational, thought provoking, emotive or inspiring? Does it evoke happy memories, sadness or inspire readers to action?

Have you revised the article to flush out irrelevant ideas, strengthen your points and checked it for any errors?

Does your article content infringe any law? Copyright? Libel?

Has the article undergone rewriting through several drafts to polish it?

Does the article make sense?

About The Author

Abdallah Khamis Abdallah is a freelance copywriter and ghost writer.To learn more about how you and your business can benefit from our viral and credibility marketing solutions and how your business can benefit from infinite publicity visit his website at:

This article was posted on March 31, 2004 <

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