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Free Reprint Articles That Will Interest Publishers - 4 Tips.

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by: Glenn Prialde

Have you been writing and submitting your free reprint articles for quite sometime now?

If so, how is your reprint rate doing? Is it doing well or is it a bit below 50%? Are webmasters approving your articles?

Here are some tips on how to write effective free reprint articles that would guarantee great interest from ezine publishers and webmasters.

1. Choose a good keyword

A good keyword is your "key" to getting high reprint rates for even just a single article. Try using the keywords found in this page

2. Keyword density

Keyword density is the number of "keywords" found in an article or content which is then divided by the total number of words. Try to keep your keyword density at 5% to 7% maximum especially if you choose common keywords for your article. Keyword density is important because this is one of the things search engines look into when they rank the search results.

Do not try to make your article an article for search engines, make them full of quality, informative but still search engine optimized.

3. Shorter word count

Publishers or webmasters often love articles that are less than 1000 words, but it totally depends on the topic and how informative is your article. Try not to go around the bush and result to making your article at 1800 words. In other words, do not make it like a short story. A good article may only have at least 250 words, but could still capture the reader's attention and have the attributes mentioned in numbers 1 and 2 above.

4. Good content

You wrote a 700-word article with good keywords and keyword density, but does it contain good content? Well, only you can answer that truthfully and if your answer is yes, then great! But for some few inviduals this isn't the fact, many are still writing articles that editors label as an "indirect" advert. If you really want a good reprint rate then make your article body 100% of quality information, tips, how-tos and tricks. Keep the 100% advert in your bylines and keep them short.

Good luck and enjoy writing!

About The Author

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This article was posted on April 13, 2005 <

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