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While yardselling it came to me.

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by: John Ashley
It seems like everyone knows what you mean when you mention the term yardselling. Well, Webster doesn't agree. In fact many dictionaries leave out the term altogether. These days the term has evolved. It used to be that yardselling was a few moments or a day of driving around your town looking at other peoples stuff. Today we still look through peoples stuff, we just do it online. Isn't that all Ebay and other online auction site are? Personally I really enjoy sifting through the worlds of junk people are selling. During my time spent at Ebay I realized that the common, everyday joe was being left out. While selling is easy online, it does come at a price. I found it impractical to sell my junk on Ebay after figuring in all of auction fees. Opening price, closing price, reserve fees, valuation fees, fees for bold letters, fee for images! I think they tried to charge me for tying my shoe at one point. After all the fees and shipping I was $28 in the hole after selling my room full of junk. What I discovered was people are all about the money. If it is cheap, they will buy it. As I progressed with my online yard sale I became fairly auction savvy. I believed that if people could sell items for free, people would sale a lot more items. Turns out I was right. After a few months of planing and mild financial assistants I launched my very own auction site. Here I can let people sale for free, opening up the market to every homeowner who needs to turn some junk into cash. What else would I call this site but, www.yardselling.com Exactly! The results of my little idea have been amazing. New members sign up hourly and I get millions of visits per month. I take great pride it knowing that all these people are getting a little bit of secret fun time rummaging through other peoples stuff. The windfall of money from the site is just a bonus, really.

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